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Hi, you've reached the website of Curtis Smith. I'm not in right now so if you leave me a message I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks. What's that? You want to know a little about me? Whatever would you want to know that for?! Oh well whatever floats your boat, I guess...

I'm a software engineer and what I like to call an extremely part-time student (EPTS) at Drexel University with aspirations of earning my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. My programming language of choice is Perl mostly because it's the first language I learned and put to pratical use. And it's simple. Though I'll admit it's not nearly as powerful as C++. I am currently employed at Institute for Scientific Information ResearchSoft Thomson ResearchSoft Thomson Scientific Thomson Reuters whose mission is to "advance the research, writing and publishing experience." We currently achieve this via our desktop (EndNote®, ProCite® and Reference Manager®) and web-based (WriteNote®) (EndNote Web®) products which aid in publishing and managing bibliographies and such (It's not nearly as boring as it may sound).

My spare time is usually spent hanging out with friends, watching movies, dilly-dallying on the internet (mostly at snoot.org) -- you can find a list of the sites that I frequent at the Links section -- and being an EPTS. (Hmmm, this is sounding more like a personal ad then an intro...) I'm absolutely addicted to Scrabble® (and Scribble by proxy) and watching movies and television. I've recently acquired a TiVo to help with the television but I still shell out the $8.75 for the movies quite often. I've also been known to take a picture or two but I haven't had nearly as much time as I would like to practice photography. Once I've got some pictures I'll maintain a gallery.

I enjoy writing as well though I don't really find/make the time to do that either. Once I figure out how to set up blosxom WordPress on my site's server (hosted by the fine folks at ICDSoft) I will start keeping a blog. I sometimes get ideas that I think are cool and you can mostly find those in the Experimental section of this site. By far the coolest thing there is the collection of utilities to aid in playing Scribble. I also like listening to music. What I don't like is having to defend my choice of music. I like what I like because I like it. That should be enough for anyone. If I'm in the mood for a good rap beat with some bass and that happens to be a song in which most of the lyrical content is about girls, cars and money then, darn it, that's what I'm going to listen to.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

I've finally got a functioning blog up and running. I've titled it 'Not just another Smith' and you can take a gander here.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I've got the photography section of the site up now. Just click on the Photos link in the navigation box on the left to go there.

If your picture is there and you don't want it to be either e-mail me or add a comment to the picture and I'll remove it.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Well, the latest news is the new look of the site. I think it looks pretty good anyway. Let me know if you have suggestions.

The next update will probably be to work on the blog and then the photography section.

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